Blue Clay Clarifying Mask - BLUE CLAY

Blue Clay Clarifying Mask

by Truth & Love Beauty for NYDJ (FINAL SALE)

Blue Clay Clarifying Mask - BLUE CLAY

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A rare 4 oz mask made with a special blend of Neem Oil, Frankincense and Bentonite Clay. The formulation works to deep clean and obliterates acne, blackheads and pimples. Upon application, you will feel the strong Bentonite Clay tighten to squeeze out the impurities polluting your skin while detoxifying your face. The blend of Indian Neem Oil will melt your blackheads and pull out impurities. A nourishing emollient will prevent the loss of moisture while building a luscious protective layer over your precious epidermal cells. Meanwhile, the Frankincense will combine forces with the properties of the Neem Oil, and together they will create a powerful astringent that goes deep to pull out your deeper, harder-to-reach areas while reducing acne blemishes. As an added bonus, the formulation's anti-aging properties help prevent wrinkles, minimize pores and lift the skin to tighten and smooth.

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