• What is the NYDJ Rewards Loyalty Program?+

    NYDJ Rewards is a tiered loyalty program that allows members to accrue rewards points for every purchase to redeem for discounts and to receive benefits and promotions.

  • Who is Eligible to Join the Program?+

    The program is open to U.S. residents. No purchase is necessary to become a member of the program.

  • How Do I Join the Program?+

    A customer can become a program member by creating a free account on NYDJ.com. To join the program, create an account at https://nydj-apparel.myshopify.com/account/register by entering your name, email address and password. Members will automatically be signed up to receive emails and get exclusive access to sales, special offers and new arrivals. If you currently have an NYDJ account or email subscription, you are already enrolled in the program.

  • How Do I Earn Points? +

    Members will earn points for purchases on NYDJ.com and at NYDJ retail stores. Additional points can be earned with other activities, including creating an account (20 points), leaving a review (10 points), sharing on Facebook (10 points), following us on Facebook (5 points) and following us on Instagram (5 points). Visit https://nydj.com/pages/rewards for more ways to earn.

  • How Do I Check My Points Balance?+

    Once logged in, you can check your points balance on your account page at https://nydj.com/account/register.

  • When Will My Points Appear in My Account?+

    Points earned on NYDJ.com may take up to 72 hours from the purchase or shipment date to show in the member's account.

  • How Do I Redeem Points?+

    Points can be redeemed for discounts on purchases of any NYDJ products. To redeem points, log in to your account and click the “Redeem Now” button, found under the points balance. To redeem points at checkout, use the slider directly above your cart total to choose the amount you would like to apply, then click the “Apply” button. Please note that point-redemption discounts cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

  • How Will Returns Affect My Points Balance?+

    If a member redeems points toward a purchase and later decides to return that item, their points will be credited back to their points balance in the account. Any points earned from purchases that are returned within our 30-day return window will result in a deduction from the member’s points balance and may affect their tier level.

  • Do Points Expire?+

    Points expire 180 days from the member’s last purchase date.

  • How Do I Qualify for Tiers of the Program?+

    Members will qualify for tiers of the program based on the total dollar amount they spend in a rolling 12-month period. Members must meet the required spend threshold to achieve their membership tier, and they will be in that tier for a rolling 12-month period from the date they earned it. Current members’ eligibility period start date is 8/22/22, as of 8/29/23, the launch date of the tiered program.

  • How Will I Know When I Earn a New Membership Tier?+

    When a member’s points total crosses a tier threshold, they will receive an email welcoming them into the new tier.

  • How Will Returns Affect My Tier Level?+

    Returns made within our 30-day return window may result in a downgrade to the next eligible tier when your rolling 12-month date arrives.